Woods Bagot

Woods Bagot is an international architecture firm based originally in Australia, specializing in tall towers, airports, workplace, high end residential projects, and more. I was the graphic designer for their San Francisco studio. While at Woods Bagot I created architectural bid proposals for projects, including several high profile Silicon Valley clients. I created a range of marketing collateral, including presentations and ads, ensuring that all collateral were executed within brand guidelines and standards. I also created custom icons, infographics, and graphic way-finding. In addition I was involved in the complete rebranding of Woods Bagot’s visual collateral for the global studio. Specifically, I helped to create the new project page templates for the firm’s portfolio, and developed CV templates which were flexible enough to easily adapt to different amounts of text.

The following is a sample of the work that I created while at Woods Bagot. These pages needed to be adaptable for print as well as digital submission. 

The content has been scrubbed for client confidentiality. 

This is a sample of project pages designed for a proposal, with team org chart top right:

These are sample pages created for a project proposal:

These are universal pages I created which were used across multiple proposals, in an effort to streamline the process and create consistency across brand: 

This is a color palette I created for a custom proposal

I also created templates for Woods Bagot’s internal website, where announcements are shared across studios.

This is an email I designed, sent out to clients near the New Year:

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