Project Create

Project Create is a semi-permanent exhibit at Chabot Space & Science Center. It’s a creative tinkering space that encourages visitors to explore, experiment and build. Some of the stations include Marble Machines, creating a movie at the Stop Motion Stations, designing at Tinker Tailor, discovering the insides of a computer at Tech Take Apart, and much more. The concept of Project Create is that it will always be adapting and evolving in its content. It has proven to be very popular among visitors of all ages.

This was the first exhibit that I worked on when I arrived at Chabot. My aim was establish a bright and fun color palette that would appeal to a wide range of ages. I wanted to establish a graphic that could be composed in different ways, and easily applied to print and digital materials.

This is the entry wall sign to the exhibit hall. I drew on the chalkboard-black wall with shapes that played off of the logo, to emphasize the idea of experimentation and creativity.
Station signs which I designed and we had laser cut.
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