Open Exchange 2.0

Open Exchange is a successful web conferencing platform for financial communications. They host remote conferences, involving many corporations of the financial services and professional investment industry, as well as public and private companies. I was brought on to help visually brand the front end of OEs latest conferencing platform. This involved designing with visual accessibility in mind, and creating a highly flexible and intuitive template, easily customizable for any corporate branding. Because the conferences that OE hosts often span several weeks, there was a need to design for a somewhat complex schedule, and for users to be able to easily navigate between events spanning diverse topics, many speakers and their bios, and dates on the calendar. I helped to come up with the information architecture, and styled the content.

View my previous post, Open Exchange to get a sense of the baseline that I was designing from and improving upon.

The following demonstrates the template in action, with examples of corporate branding plugged in. These templates were not actually used for conferences, they are intended to test the adaptability of the designs. In some instances I’ve experimented with different formatting, as a client might come up us with a specific request for content and styling.

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