Luminous Moon

This was a photography exhibit at Chabot Space & Science Center which was on display Summer of 2019, featuring photos of our Moon. These photos were primarily taken with Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), and we partnered with NASA Ames Research Center in acquiring these amazing, very high-resolution images. The collection also included photos taken by Chabot’s lead astronomer Conrad Chung, using Chabot’s telescopes, and several panoramic shots from Apollo missions to the Moon.

My role for this exhibit began with the curating process of the photos—I made the first pass at selecting which photos to use, and organized them. I then scaled and cropped the final photo selection where necessary, and found a print shop in San Francisco, Scale Up Art, who printed the photos on matte paper on di bond metal with cleat backing, for a minimalist, floating effect. I helped select the paint colors for the walls of the exhibit and advised which walls to paint, designed and help install the intro wall signage, and created all of the interactive exhibit signage. I also created and installed all of the artwork labels, and the 4 section panels that divide the photography portion of the exhibit into a logical sequence.

I also created the promotional materials for the exhibit such as ads, interior and exterior banners.

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