Chabot Annual Starlight Gala

Chabot Space & Science Center hosts a gala every year as its annual fundraising event. This is comprised of an awards dinner and fundraising auction. Below are graphics that I created for galas 2018 and 2019. Each gala has a theme which I create a graphic concept for. The materials I create for the events include web banners, email banners, postcards, invitations, programs, digital slides for the center, menus, and more.

Following each Gala dinner is a fundraising afterparty at Chabot, essentially a Halloween costume party which is open to the public to attend. I created corresponding graphics for the afterparty as well.

Gala 2018: Mysterium

The concept for Chabot’s 2018 gala was centered on the drafted geometry of astronomer, mathematician, and astrologer Johannes Kepler, called his “Mysterium Cosmographicium.” For this project I drafted by hand his isometric shapes, and applied color to them in Illustrator.

Gala web banner
Afterparty web banner
Pages for the Gala 2018 program

Gala 2019: Elemental

I came up with the theme and title for 2019’s Gala, Elemental, based on the periodic table. It was an evening centered on chemistry-themed cocktails, and experiments as party tricks. I chose an explosive graphic for the materials, intended to be evocative of all elements.

Gala 2019 Afterparty

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