Astro Photo App

This is a personal project that I worked on, a night sky photography app for the iPhone 7. I used Sketch to create these mockups, and Photoshop for editing the background photos.

After some research and personal experience, I’ve found that there are two basic settings that novice users are looking for in an app such as this. The first is the need for a high-res mode in which the default settings are set to capture the night sky with post exposure image enhancement, using extremely high ISO settings. This enables sharp photos, exposing depth in dark, insufficiently lit environments. The second setting that users often are looking for in night sky photography is capturing star trails. With AstroPhoto, Star Trails Mode would default to 15 minutes of exposure to capture the apparent movement of the stars in the sky, caused by the rotation of the Earth.

In this high-level design of the app I began by creating three intro slides, intended for when the user first downloads the app.

This is the default camera window. Along the top of the screen icons can take you to your photo library, reverse the direction of the camera (often used if the camera is directly on the ground rather than on a tripod), the default settings for Star Mode and Star Trails Mode, and the Settings Menu.

The self-timer is imperative for night shots, and can be adjusted here. The Star Trails setting would default to 15 minutes, but can be adjusted for less or more time in the Settings Menu.


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