Words Can Work: The Pandemic and Kids’ Mental Health

Words Can Work is a documentary series devoted to the impact the pandemic has had on kids’ mental health. The content extends beyond the pandemic—it addresses how to nurture resilience among children in uncertain, changing times. I hope this project and research continues, and goes far. 

I built this website Words Can Work using the platform Wix. For the aesthetic of the site I decided to go with a color palette of gentle gradients and soft tones. I kept the structure as simple as possible. The site features videos on the home page representing the three age demographics, so that the video content most helpful to parents and teachers is easy to find. There are four main pages: The Videos, The Project, Why Talk Now, and Quick Takes. Please note that I have not been responsible for maintaining this site.

Top of the Home page, with a video short in the background. Right: Mobile version
Also on the Home page, The main videos representing the age demographics Right: Mobile version
The Why Talk Now video page, and footer with contact form Right: Mobile versions
Quick Takes, which is a blog format for posting frequently updated video content Right: Mobile version
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