The Boston Cecilia

The Boston Cecilia is an accomplished choral group, in its 140th season. The intention behind this project was to refresh the look and feel of The Boston Cecilia’s logo — bringing it up-to-date while maintaining its general composition for the purpose of continuity and recognizably. It acknowledges that the existing logo has served Cecilia well for many years.

The following logo design is a hand-drawn “C” for Cecilia on a musical staff. “The Boston Cecilia” is in a typeface called Biko. It was chosen because its sans-serif design is a clean, contemporary, geometric style. Biko will be used on Cecilia posters, season brochures, concert programs, and other media, though not to the exclusion of other typefaces.

The following demonstrates how the logo might appear on different medium such as a poster, season brochure, jewel case, and on my design of Cecilia’s new website.




This graphic illustrates how the logo might be applied to a Cecilia concert poster. Here the “C” is enlarged and “The Boston Cecilia” overlaps it. This demonstrates that the logo can be deconstructed and used in different ways, and still maintain recognizability.




This is outside front and back of Cecilia’s 2015-2016 Season Brochure, a self-mailer which will be folded in half.

Inside of Cecilia 2015-2016 Season Brochure

Inside of Cecilia 2015-2016 Season Brochure



My design for the new Cecilia website – Home page

New Cecilia website - Tickets Page

New Cecilia website – Concerts & Tickets Page



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