Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Language Launch

Houghton MIfflin Harcourt is an education company, providing digital learning for grades K-12. As a UX Designer for HMH, I was involved in designing the digital-first version for the ESL platform Language Launch. I used Figma to create specs and test for functionality, and helped to design unit opener pages and bottom navigation, ensuring a consistent experience throughout all aspects of the platform and brand.

I designed Unit Openers for the beginning of each section, for desktop, tablet, and mobile. The design is on-brand with the R180 platform, tying in with the existing covers, as well as visual content on the interior pages of Language Launch.

Design precent of print covers on left (different product, but on-brand), and digital translation for Unit Openers on right.

Inner Page Design Development

I helped to evolve the product with a subtle and effective INNER PAGE DESIGN for the platform—a gradient stripe along the header, in keeping with the established color palette, updated section icons at the top of the pages for consistent styling and visibility, and created a light gray road graphic for the bottom of the page. 

Takeaways: Created a slightly more sophisticated feel for the platform, more visual interest appropriate to the subject matter, while keeping within the established brand. Feels fresh without being distracting. These elements can be carried over to print.


Bottom Navigation

I helped to create a BOTTOM BREADCRUMB NAVIGATION which will enable students to more easily orient, track their progress, and navigate forwards and backwards within each Lesson (See image above, INNER PAGE DESIGN).

Takeaways: This will have a significant impact in increasing accessibility, functionality, and contribute a positive visual impact as well. 

Teacher Planning Guide

I styled and developed the TEACHER PLANNING GUIDE pages, adjusting the layout and functionality based on feedback from Pattern Strategy.

Takeaways: These logical and clean designs will aid the teacher’s experience, helping to familiarize them with the materials, and also bring mindfulness to the needs of their students. They’re visually accessible and easy to navigate. 

Created Specs for Platform Functionality

CREATED SPECS FOR HABITAT FUNCTIONALITY of interactives, static components, and general page layout, responding to feedback from the teams while contributing my ideas.

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